always rolling - still rocking


(Michael Philip Jagger)
Jul. 26, 1943
Dartford, Kent,


Dec.18, 1943
Dartford, Kent,

(Charles Robert Watts)
Jun.2, 1941

(Ronald David Wood)
Hillington, Middlesex,

(William George Perks)
Oct.24, 1936
Lewisham, London,

(Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones)
Feb.28, 1942 - Jul.3, 1969
b.Cheltenham, Gloucestershire,
d. Hartford,

(Micheal Kevin Taylor)
Jan.17, 1949
Hatfield, Hertfordshire,

1962:July 11 : The name "The Rolling Stones" first appears in Jazz News.

1963:May:The Rolling Stones ( Mick Jagger,Keith Richards, Brian Jones,Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts) sign with Decca Records. They are signed by the same A&R man who had turned down the Beatles the year before.

Jun 7: "Come On"/"I Wanna Be Loved" released and the Stones make their TV debut on Thank Your Lucky Stars.

1964:Apr: Release their first LP, The Rolling Stones

Oct 26: The Rolling Stones appear on "The Ed Sullivan Show". The group presented the nation-wide audience with the spectacle of a studio apparently being torn apart by its audience. Sullivan disclaimed all responsibility for the Stones' engagement and vowing they would never pollute his air time again. "I promise you, they will never be back on our show."

1965:Jan: Release of The Rolling Stones No. 2 album.

Aug 20: The Stones release the single "Satisfaction"/"Spider And The Fly," which immediately becomes a world-wide anthem. Keith claims he woke up in the middle of the night in a motel room in Clearwater, Florida with that riff in his head and had to whack it down on a cassette there and then. When he woke up the next morning, he couldn't remember even writing the riff. .

1966: Apr: Release Aftermath LP, their first Number One album.

1967: Mar 25 Opening of European tour in Oerbo, Sweden. The Stones make their first visit behind the Iron Curtain when they play Warsaw, Poland.

Apr: First ever performance in Greece. Police take action when Jagger throws flowers to the audience and a riot breaks out.

1968:Dec 12: The Rolling Stones' Rock'N'Roll Circus is filmed at Wembley studios for television. Friends include John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Beggar's Banquet is released. .

1969:Jun 8: After a meeting with other band members at his home, Crotchford Farms , during which members of the Stones tell him his services are no longer required, Brian declares he is leaving the Stones, saying he wants to form a new group. The Daily Sketch reports "Brian Jones quits the Stones as group clash over songs." A few days later the Stones hold a photo call in London's Hyde Park to introduce their new guitarist, Mick Taylor, who was formerly in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers. The band announces that their new guitarist will make his live debut with the Stones at a free concert to be held in the park on July 5, and plays on the upcoming single, "Honky Tonk Women"/"You Can't Always Get What You Want "

Jul 3: Brian Jones is found dead in his swimming pool at his Cotchford Farm home. The East Grinstead coroner later returns a verdict of "death by misadventure" due to "immersion in fresh water under the influence of drugs and alcohol."

Jul 5: The Stones perform their Hyde Park gig, which now becomes a memorial for Brian. Mick Jagger reads Percy Byshe Shelley's "Adonais" as a dedication to Brian and releases thousands of butterflies. The free concert is attended by over 350,000 people.

1970: Jan: Release of Let It Bleed LP.

1971: Apr 23: Release Sticky Fingers LP, the first on Rolling Stones Records. Cover design, complete with adjustable zip, is by Andy Warhol. Decca releases Stone Age LP.

1972: Apr 12: Release Exile On Main Street LP.

1973: Aug 31: Release Goat's Head Soup LP.

1974: Dec 14: Mick Taylor announces he is leaving the Rolling Stones.

1975: Sep: After much speculation and a string of recording sessions-cum-auditions in Munich which eventually give birth to the Black and Blue album, the Stones announce Mick Taylor's replacement - Ronnie Wood! (Candidates who didn't get past the jamming phase include Jeff Beck, Peter Frampton, and Rory Gallagher).

1976: Apr 20: Black and Blue album released .

1977: Sep 15: Love You Live is released. The cover artwork is by Andy Warhol.

1978: Jun 1: Some Girls album is released. Shortly after, some of those girls on the LP's cover -- Lucille Ball, Raquel Welch, and Liz Taylor -threaten to sue. After several months, Atlantic caves in to pressure and changes the cover.

1979: Jul: Stones begin recording in Paris.

1980: Jun 26: Emotional Rescue LP is released. To celebrate, Stones hold a press party at Danceteria in New York. When Charlie misses his plane from London and is unable to attend, tabloids start the latest break-uprumors, with headlines like "Charlie Watts: `I hate rock'n' roll!'"

1981:Aug 18: Tattoo You album is released.

1982:Jun 1: Still Life album released.

1983:Nov 7: Undercover album is released.

1984:May 6: Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson record "State Of Shock" in New York's A&R Studio.

1985:Feb : Mick Jagger releases his first solo single, "Just Another Night"/ "Turn The Girl Loose" on CBS. Mick's debut album, She's The Boss, released.

Jul 13: A solo Mick Jagger performs at Live Aid in Philadelphia. He is joined on stage by Tina Turner. Later that day, Keith and Ron join Bob Dylan on stage and close the historic event.
Dec 12: Ian Stewart, the unofficial "sixth Stone" dies of a heart attack in London.

1986:Feb 25 At roughly 3:00 am in London's Roof Garden club, the Stones are presented with the Grammys' Lifetime Achievement award by Eric Clapton. The acceptance is beamed via satellite to the U.S. Jeff Beck, Eurythmics' Dave Stewart, and Keith's mum are among the small gathering in London.

1987:Jul 20: Mick shoots a video for "Let's Work" in New York. Zibigniew Rybczynski directs.

Jul 27 - 28: Another solo Mick Jagger video, for "Say You Will," is shot in London with Mary Lambert directing.

Aug 15: Keith begins two weeks of solo recording at Montreal's Le Studio for his first solo album.

1988:Sep 26: Keith Richards' first ever solo album, Talk is Cheap, released by Virgin Records.

1989:Jan 18: The Rolling Stones are inducted into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame .

1990:Jun 6: The Stones win Tour Of The Year on ABC's International Rock Awards Charlie is awarded MVP Drummer.

1991:May 2: At the Ivor Novello Awards conducted at London's Grosvenor House Hotel, the Stones are honored for their "Outstanding Contribution To British Music." Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman are present to pick up trophies on behalf of the band.

1992:Oct 20 : Keith's second solo album, Main Offender, is released by Virgin.

1993:Jan 6: During a live interview on the BBC's London Tonight news program, Bill Wyman finally officially quits the Stones. "I really don't want to do it anymore," he says. Regarding his efforts to prevent Bill from quitting, Keith states: "I did everything but hold him at gunpoint."

Feb 9: Mick's third solo offering, Wandering Spirit, is released by Atlantic and Mick plays an invite-only show at New York's Webster Hall to launch the album.

1994:Jul 12: Voodoo Lounge is unveiled to the public. It's the Stones' 22nd studio album (36th overall) and marks their debut with Virgin Records.

Nov 10: Stones make history by being the first major rock'n'roll band to broadcast a concert live on the Internet. The 20-minute transmission came from the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

Dec 18: The North American leg of the Voodoo Lounge tour ends in Vancouver. Keith Richards celebrates his birthday with the news that this leg of the tour is the most successful tour in history -- surpassing 1994's record-breaking Pink Floyd tour and the Stones' own Steel Wheels tour.

1995:Nov 14: Release of the Stripped album. Included are live tracks were recorded at small venues in Amsterdam and Paris, plus acoustic numbers from studio rehearsals in Lisbon and Tokyo. The single from the album is a version of Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone."

Nov: The Stones go high-tech. The Stripped CD includes a multimedia portion playable on home computers, featuring video clips of the band. The Voodoo Lounge interactive CD-ROM is released and the Stones World Web Site is launched.

1996:Even when not active, the Stones are everywhere, with music featured in the films Casino (released late '95), Basquiat (in which Keith also has a song called "Nearness to You" recorded in 1980), and The Fan.

1997:Bridges to Babylon released - Tour starts off.

1998:Thirty-five years after they came up, The Rolling Stones are still making history: the North-American leg of the Bridges To Babylon Tour becomes the most successful tour af all time, breaking the previous record of Voodoo Lounge Tour.

May: The tour comes to Europe. Delayed and re-scheduled, due to a Keith Richards' injury after falling from a ladder and shortly interrupted by Mick Jagger sufferring from larryngitis.

Sep 16: The Rolling Stones play in Athens, Greece, for the first time in 31 years.

Nov: "No Security" album released.

1999:The Stones are on the road with "No Security" U.S / Canada Tour and "Bridges To Babylon Tour 1999" in Europe.